Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Cupcake Bouquet

This is super fun to make and even more delightful to give to someone. Before I became a mom, I was a dental assistant in a pediatric dental office. It was a really fun job, but the people I worked with are what really made it great. I have remained really good friends with one person in particular and today was her birthday. A perfect occasion for a cupcake bouquet. Here's how:

Find terra cotta planting pot with Styrofoam ball that will fit as pictured. There are several sizes to choose from, I chose the largest.I got mine at Michael's, but am sure you could get them cheaper at Wal-mart or even Home Depot. Cut up assorted colors of scrapbook paper and mod podge the entire pot. This is the best part. I added ribbon on the rim just because.

I had to trim the ball a bit in order for it to fit nice and snug.

I used confetti cupcake mix (Duncan Hines), but in the future will probably try to get a little fancy with the taste. The project itself took a few hours so an easy cake mix worked best for me. You can use popsicle sticks found at a craft stores to stick the cupcakes into the styrofoam. I used skewers cut in half just because I had them around. Stick them into the ball as desired. I was able to fit 14 cupcakes, but wish that I had put more in. Using a hot glue gun place tissue paper to cover up the rest of the styrofoam.

The final step is to frost the cupcakes. You get could really fancy with this part. I just used the sea shell frosting tip and a dash of sprinkles on each one. The thing about this project is you could go really simple or really make it fancy ,and either way it would still look great.

  • The styrofoam ball was about 20 dollars at Michael's. I wouldn't go without their weekly 40% off coupon.
  • I used some card stock and some just regular scrap book paper. I would recommend only using the flimsy scrap book paper. It sticks better.
  • Before frosting check for hot glue strings all over.If you are going to give it to someone, give it to someone you really like because after all the time you put into it, you will hate to see it go.
It sure made my kitchen look lovely for a day. Let me know if you try it. I would love to see what people come up with.


  1. that is beyond my skills, but going to show it to my wife... we may see this

  2. That is the cutest thing ever!

  3. How clever!

    Now I'm drooling for icing!

    I'm glad you enjoyed seeing more of the house on our walk - and of course you got a shout out!

  4. That's so crafty!!! = )

  5. What a fantastic idea! So much better than flowers.

  6. ADORABLE! And tasty too. A plus in my book.

    I noticed last year that styofoam items are a bit on the pricy side at Michael's too.

  7. My birthday is in June. Will you be my friend:)

    Your cupcake bouquets are simply adorable. I'm really going to try to make them so I better save this link. They are just too cute, Kasha.

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  8. This is awesome!! I can't wait to find a reason to make one myself, I know I will hate to see it go, but if I ate all that cake...bad news! Thanks for sharing the creativity!!

  9. absolutely adorable and creative way to display cupcakes!!

  10. These are really cute! I'm sure the birthday girl loved them :) I came over from Louise's, by the way.

  11. It's me again, Kasha. I added this gorgeous post link to my April Fool's Day post. Drop by if you get a chance, we're playing a game til Sunday. Who knows, it's any one's guess to win!!!

  12. I would take this over flowers, any day!

  13. Such a perfect center piece... have a wonderful holiday season


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