Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An Interview with a Foodie

Let me introduce you to my favorite foodie. His name is Kade from rkadetokens.

I am so grateful he agreed to this interview. If this goes over well, perhaps I can interview more Chefs and food connoisseurs from my favorite blogs in the future. Kade's sense of humor is killer which is why his blog is one of my favorites. He blogs about the many places and types of food he tries and does it so creatively you want to be invited to his next lunch break.

Me: So you are a an attorney by day for a very successful law firm. You have your pick of amazing steak houses, gourmet cuisine on the Strip, or pretty much anything. What compels you to go to places like Han Shik Taco, a random Taco truck in Las Vegas?Hhadfasdfasdfasfdlkjdfalskdf

Kade: While I technically have my pick of a million great restaurants, because I am not rich, I have been compelled to find my culinary joy at less expensive establishments. Also, since eating is a sensual experience, taco trucks stimulate my senses differently than a regular restaurant. If you eat at a taco truck or "hole in the wall" spot, you aren't eating at an organization, it is more like you are eating at someone's house. McDonalds is an impersonal corporation. People say things like "I want to sue McDonalds", but people don't often say, "I want to sue El Bocadillo Sabroso, that taco truck down the street." I think one reason for that is that you see the taco truck as personal, not corporate. If you eat out enough, I think you will want to start sharing your meals with people, not faceless corporations.

Me: Why do you have such a passion for food and a desire to try it all?

Kade: I have a passion for food because I am hungry. It makes sense, kind of, but we HAVE to eat, and we have to do it regularly. I guess it logically follows that we would make eating a ritual/diversion. However, we also HAVE to breathe, but no one is doing TV shows about those stupid oxygen bars at the airport. Humans are weird, I guess. It's also subjective. I am very competitive, but don't have a lot of real skills. If you want a guaranteed win, choose a game with no objective measure of success. If I want to be the world's fastest runner, someone has written down the fastest time for 100 meters. That is an objective measure of success. With food, it only has to be tasty. But no one has objectified taste, so even if a critic hates it, you can flip them off and call them stuck up and wrong. Thus, you can always win at the food game (unless someone dies of food poisoning).

Me: I know you have tried, alligator, kangaroo, and questionable cow parts. To this date, what has been the most random thing you have tried? Was it truly tasty?

Kade: Sweet breads. At an Argentinean restaurant (that I blogged about), I ordered a grilled platter. Included were "sweet breads." I thought it would be bread. It looked like chicken and it tasted like nothing. I thought I might have been eating brains, but my phone told me it was glands.

Me: Do you think the more food a person exposes himself too, the more flavors the palette grows to appreciate?

Kade: Sure. I thought I hated bleu cheese as a kid, until I tried it. However, I still haven't learned to appreciate dirt, though I have definitely tasted it.

Me: If you were a type of food or a certain dish, what would you be and why?

Kade: I would be sweet breads. I would have a misleading appearance and an unfamiliar taste paired with a shocking real identity. Or, I'd be a rutabaga because it sounds funny.

Me: Are you familiar with the Travel Channel series Man Vs Food featuring food enthusiast Adam Richman? He has taken on the biggest hamburgers, biggest breakfast burritos, gallons of ice cream at a time, and I just watched an episode where he had to complete a bowl of the spiciest Thai food made in the U.S. It was so hot that the preparer of the dish wore a gas mask. What challenge do you feel you would be up to if you were Adam Richman?

Kade: I am familiar with the guy and his show. I also am familiar with Andrew Z, and his exotic food show. I would be up to a challenge where I had to see how much delicious money I could "eat" by cramming it in my wallet. I would also be up to eating buttloads of Creme Bruelee'.


  1. How interesting!

    This is a great idea -

    As for the sweetbreads...maybe if I didn't know what they were...

  2. I am not sure if this guy is a "foodie" or a "weirdie" ! I would like to know who would be crazy enough to kiss that guy after he eats all that stuff!

  3. Wow. Because of this, I'm now super intrigued by this Kade guy. You made a fine introduction for him, and I can't wait to check out his blog...right NOW!


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