Monday, November 30, 2009

Hey It's ok to eat for $3.85 sometimes!

Come on. I know you do it sometimes too. What is your quick, go to fast food meal when you are out and about or don't feel like cooking?

I like to think outside the bun and have two crunchy tacos. Sometimes I get real crazy and add a soft taco as well.
I know it is so plain and simple. How can a person that eats simple fast food tacos appreciate real food? I think it is important to appreciate the small things in life as well as tasty homemade dishes. What are your "small things"?


  1. Good option!

    Or Arby's...

    Or my favourite quick oriental place - for just some fried rice or low mein!

  2. When we go it of course is the Chalupa and we absolutely love the double cheesy bean burrito.


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