Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This Year's Going To Be Different

I know I am sure you have heard that before, maybe you have even said it, but seriously this year is going to be different. I am going to make my goals and stick with them. Check back with me on January 1, 2011 and congratulate me or not.


1. Lose enough weight to just feel good about myself. Whether it is 5 pounds or 30 I am going to lose it til I feel good.

2. Eat more nutritiously. I can't cut out flavor and taste all together so I figure I can make one "bad" meal a week and then eat healthier for the rest. Sound good?

3. Stop judging or gossiping. I tend to justify the two by saying I am merely observing or just relaying information that happens to be "juicy." Enough is enough right?! No more excuses this time is for real.

4. Budget and save. This is the year where I think things will be the most tight. My husband works for the city of Phoenix and there is now talk of laying off firefighters. Sounds scary, but I feel a greater hand is in all things. Even if we still have employment I would really like to not spend as much.

5. Worry less, laugh more. So simple yet so hard.

Let's stop while they still seem attainable. What are your goals for 2010?


  1. I definitely want to lose weight this year. My problem is I eat out too much and say I'm going to pick something healthy, and never do. :(

  2. Be here this time next year!

    Happy Almost 2010 to you and yours!

    It has been a pleasure 'meeting' you this year!

    Khyra & Phyll

  3. I don't gossip much, but the rest of your goals are very close to mine. I would add that I want to stop procrastinating and become more organized.

  4. mine sound exactly the same as yours.

  5. Those sound very attainable! I'm still kind of working through mine. Getting them just right!

  6. Terrific goals! I particular like #5 - Worry less, laugh more!

  7. Those are good goals and things that will make you and your life better.
    I have no doubt you will succeed - and if at first you don't succeed - try and try again.
    Happy New year, filled with lots of love, health and happiness.

  8. It is definitely hard to stop worrying! It seems like sometimes, it's just embedded in our very thoughts and actions and speech...I guess then we'll just have to pluck out the roots...our thoughts! As in, change our perspectives on things. :-)

    Losing weight is fine, but do it till you are HEALTHY, not feel good...sometimes, our expectations/goals of weight loss may not be too healthy.

    Best of luck this year! :-)

  9. Wishing all the energy, love and discipline you need to accomplish your goals! I could every single one of yours to my list!

  10. I certainly don't want to judge your goals but I have to say, they are sensible and positive and I could add some to my list, if I had one.


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