Monday, April 19, 2010

Winner Winner Onion Dinner!

I'm excited to announce the winner of the onion chopper sponsored by As you can see below, Katie from Eight For Eternity is the lucky winner. Katie, thanks for visiting my blog! I bet I have Louise to thank for that. Unfortunately I am unable to find your blog as your profile has been blocked. I hope you see this, and email me your information so csn can send you your onion chopper. I'm excited to give it you and even more excited to give away more handy kitchen items in the future.

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Thanks to all for participating. It was fun to see what movies made you cry.

Here is the list:

2. 8 Below
3. Marley and Me
4. The Blind Side (I cried through just the preview)
5. Love Story (I'm going to have to rent this one!)
6. The Dirty Dozen ( I bet this one is a real tear jerker :)
7. Pursuit of Happiness

If you haven't seen the above movies, I would recommend them. I also cried through The Notebook. That is one of my favorites. Happy cooking!


  1. Congrats to your winner. We also cried at The Notebook Blind Side, and Love Story - great movies all the same.

  2. Congrats to your winner!

    From what I've read/heard, that is an awesome list!


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