Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Don't sweat the bad economy!

Below is a start to preparing for any hardships that might occur during this bad economy or in the future on a rainy day! One never knows what might happen. People suffering from Hurrican Katrina did not see that disaster coming. It just makes sense to be prepared. I will be posting recipes using food storage and more helpful hints in the future.
Meanwhile start saving money for that rainy day. Many of us have had to create a budget. Consider analyzing your budget and cutting out money you use on nonessential items even more. Take the money you didn't need to use and save it as your own financial reserve. I would consider at least have 200 a person saved in cash and set aside. As we all know the banks are not exactly a guarantee of money or help in these hard times. Also, if a natural disaster were to occur it would be great to have cash on hand since the power could be out limiting the options of ATM's and what not.

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