Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So I was sitting at a salon today waiting to get the caterpillar's turned back into eyebrows as I do every two weeks. I sat next to the only other person waiting who smiled at me and smiled at my baby, and went back to her magazine. She seemed very interested in her magazine and I was interested in how long

"we will bring you back in 5 minutes"

really was since the clock said it had been 15. As I was judging how long the little one was going to patient and staring at the employees I heard the lady next to me say

"Now those are just incredible!"

My question is: was I supposed to look? Was I supposed to say something? Or was that just the sweet little lady talking to herself? Have you been that lady? Wouldn't it of been weird if I did look or asked her what she was looking at? What if she wanted me to mind my own business?

Just wondering...


  1. IMHO, she was probably talking to herself. Have you ever read any of my salon posts? One of, it not the most, places I dislike. Personally, I would have preferred to play with your baby. There just aren't enough babies in salons these days. Although, I was in a salon in Idaho recently and there was a seven year old getting an eyebrow waxing. I left!!!

  2. hmm...I think maybe she would have been waiting to ask her what is incredible...normally ppl don't speak out loud like that, do they? I would have just glanced to see if she was looking at me. If she's not, I'll just mind my own business :-)

  3. hahaha! You know, I probably would have butted in whether she meant for me to or not. I would just say, "I'm sorry, did you say something to me?" Who knows, right?


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