Thursday, October 15, 2009

Turkey Noodle Soup

I love leftover turkey! I am not sure if this is worthy of a recipe. My turkey soup or chicken noodle soup isn't any different than your normal soup, but I have a few suggestions:

1. Notice those lovely jars full of broth? When you can, use the real stuff. I just boiled the bones and poured whatever stock was leftover from the roaster into these jars. I like flavor so I added one or two more chicken bouillon cubes.

2. Chunky, chunky, chunky. In my opinion the best classic turkey or chicken noodle soup is with chunky vegetables and in this case turkey. I cut the meat up into large chunks and throw it in the broth before the vegetables. I like the meat to be tender and to have enough time to soak up the flavors. I love to cut the carrots and celery into large pieces and have them just barely crunchy, not mushy.

3. My favorite part is the noodles. I discovered these noodles while living in Utah. Mrs Weiss Kluski Noodles are found in Smith's grocery store in some places. They are usually on the bottom shelf in the pasta section. I will never use another noodle. It makes the soup look and taste homemade. They get just tender, but not too tender and I think it makes the difference in the soup. I am yet to find this brand supplied in Arizona so I just stock up in Utah, or you could order them here. One bag is enough for a large pot.

I would love to hear tasty tips that you might have to jazz up your soup. I will update this as I get them.

Kristina P says no to bay leaves in her soup.

The Ungourmet likes her soup with al dente noodles and crispy veggies as well.

Homemade Heaven lives in South Africa and says they never have turkey there. It is always with chicken! Interesting I say!

I have one more bag of turkey left in the freezer from my turkey sandwich craving. Stay tuned for the casserole I use it in! I love me some turkey!


  1. My mom used to make turkey soup a lot but she would add whole bay leaves to the stock. That has turned me off of turkey soup. I can't stand bay leaves!

  2. I like my soup just this way. Thick, crisp veggies and al dente pasta. Those noodles do look great! Nice Soup!

  3. Turkey is not very popular in South Africa. You will battle to find it any time other than Christmas and even then, people would rather have chicken, and it certainly will always be frozen. We don't eat it on sandwiches even and I have never seen turkey soup before - Strange how different countries can be.


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