Thursday, November 12, 2009

please don't eat ME!?

Jane at theycallmejane had someone find her blog by searching for wrinkled...... (well I won't ruin the surprise). Head on over to there to find out what and find out why that is so funny. It seems that is the last thing you would find there, and who searches for that anyway? Well, she challenged other bloggers to see what crazy searches are leading people to our own blogs. I found a few to be disturbing.

  • kasha in crock pot
  • kashagooie
  • leftover kasha casserole

Somebody wants to put me in a crock pot, casserole, or worse..........What is kashagooie anyway? It doesn't sound very tasty even with me in it! Hopefully they are referring to the fact that KASHA means porridge commonly eaten in Eastern Europe. In English kasha refers to buckwheat groats made into cereal. Wow! Thanks mom and dad and Bon appetit ! (I guess)

Head on over to her site to see what other crazy searches were found tomorrow! (Friday)


  1. Very funny :-) I enjoyed this. I guess I should ty my hand at seeing what comes up for my blog. I think Jane's "wrinkled boobs" is probably going to be one of the best-Thanks for sharing.

  2. I always forget to check my searches!

  3. My goodness! Thanks for the shout out! It should be fun tomorrow and I'm glad you're participating! But what I really what to know is...what is kashagooie?

  4. So funny, Kasha. I wonder if someone was looking for Gooey Kasha. (as in kasha porridge that which is sticky gooey) I need to check my searches I've had some funny ones too. When I come back to blogging I'll have to do a post like this. Thanks for the idea...


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