Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Wreath 2010

Maybe it should be my tradition to make a new wreath every year. I find it to be a super fun craft and very rewarding thus far. Here's how:

I found a Styrofoam wreath at Michael's craft store and covered it in ribbon just to hide the ugly white.

This is my favorite. I gathered pecans from a local pecan tree grove that I take my daily walks to. It was great to get some exercise, find some free treasures, and save money on expensive pecans. I then painted them using acrylic paint and then coated them with glossy Mod Podge to give them a shine. Finally I glued them on with a hot--glue gun ,which seemed like an eternity, and then....

Add a ribbon and then hang. This old house has a little sass this year and I love it.
Grand total: $ 10 dollars (using 40% off coupon at craft store)

Happy Crafting!


  1. Those are cool! I thought they were M&Ms at first.

  2. Very nice, clever, creative, and inexpensive. There was a time when I had lots of fun doing crafts and I really enjoyed it. One of these days .. . . .

  3. Adorable...I have made one back in the day out of candy. I really love the color and how easy it is.

  4. You couldn't extract those tasty pecans before painting them? Sad.


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