Friday, February 6, 2009

Omega -3s for your Baby!

You need DHA in your breastmilk! has great recipes for the seafood you need to eat! DHA is great for brain and eye devolpment.
Corny Salmon Cakes
2 6oz cans of skinless pink flaked salmon
1 cup dried bread crumbs
3/4 cups of shredded cheese. Chedder or Colby
3/4 cups frozen corn kernals, thawed
1/3 cup light canola mayonaise
3 tbs ketchup
1 large Omega -3 egg beaten
1 tbs canola oil
Combine all of the ingredients except the oil and with 1/2 of the bread crumbs. Form the mixture into 8 patties. Heat skillet with oil over medium heat. Coat the patties with the remaining bread crumbs and cook for 5 minutes or until golden bron on each side. Serve and enjoy!

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