Friday, June 12, 2009

Good Intentions: A story about Ice cream

I was invited to a function that requested everyone to bring a summer dish. Something that didn't require too much cooking or heating of the kitchen. I thought homemade Ice cream would be a nice treat. I first attempted to make Ice cream like I did as a girl where you put the ingredients in a plastic bag and then put that bag in a bigger bag full of ice and shake! 15 minutes later- Ice cream! Wrong! I ended up with water, milk, and a salty mess everywhere because the ice broke holes in the bag when I shook it up. So I went to Target to purchase an ice cream maker. I bought the inexpensive one that didn't require ice. I poured the ingredients in, turned it on, and went about my business. 40 minutes later I went to try out my finished product. Wrong! The machine never did it's thing because it broke shortly after I turned it on. Thus I went back to the store and purchased yet another ice cream maker. This time this machine needed ice and salt like the traditional Ice cream makers. Finally, success! It required 3 hours of babysitting, a couple times of emptying out the ice and starting over, and then finally I had ice cream!
I love this recipe it is light, sweet, and tangy all at once. A perfect summer treat. The trick is to keep it frozen as it melts fast. I was excited to take this to my gathering and have the women try it. I arrived early and stuck it in the freezer. I then had to go back home to feed my son before returning for the actual dinner. I made it back to a delightful dinner of several delicious salads and summer dishes. I was so excited to unveil my summer treat when the meal was over. I told the ladies around me to make sure they tried my ice cream before it melted as I was about to get it out of the freezer. I went to the freezer and the ice cream was gone. I went back to the table and discovered my Ice cream had been on the table the whole time. I just hadn't noticed it. Someone had taken it out of the freezer and set it next the fruit mistaking it for a dessert. It was of course I big melted mixture of cream. I am not sure if the lesson I am supposed to learn is to give up on making ice cream, but I don't think I can. Especially when there is this recipe in my possession. I wish you better luck with yours! As always, serve and enjoy!

Summertime Ice cream

3 cups sugar 3 Lemons (squeezed)

1 Qt Cream 3 Oranges (squeezed)

1 Qt Milk 3 Bananas (processed in food processor)

Combine all Ingredients and pour into your Ice cream maker.


  1. Hi Kasha!
    Thanks for coming by and leaving such a nice comment! Boy, I wish I had an ice cream maker. It sounds so fun. I am going to print that recipe off for the day when I have one!


  2. What a story! I give you lots of credit for your tenacity. I may have given up, maybe:) I just saw a program. I think it was on the food channel. They showed this round like ball for kids to make ice cream with. It's something like making ice cream in a coffee can. Here's a link at Amazon that shows it with lots of reviews. (I didn't read them:)

    Thanks for sharing, Kasha

  3. That sounds so refreshing and wonderful!

  4. Great story. Good job for not giving up! I Love this ice cream - it sounds so refreshing and delicious.

  5. YUM....this sounds so cool and good

  6. I think I would have cried! Don't give up on making ice cream, just make it home for you and your family. What kind of person would leave it on the table anyway. That's just plain nuts. This recipe does sound delcious though!


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