Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I had a lot of fabulous neighbors and not a lot of money for gifts. I threw this together and wish that I had been clever enough to make it more pretty. It is a bottle of Sprite with two bags of popcorn tied on, and a card. On the card I wrote:

Just "POP"ped by to wish you Happy Holidays! May your Christmas be merry and "SPRITE!"

It is very simple, but easy to top next year when I decide which neighbors I really want to splurge on. I sure hope if you are reading this you know how much you have made my year Merry and Bright! Happy Holidays!


  1. Very cute! Merry Christmas, my bloggy friend!

  2. I think this was a wonderful gift to give...I would love to have you as a neighbor.

  3. Our Christmas was simply about you ?

  4. I sure have missed you Kasha.. how are you? I moved my blog a few times.. hope you have a more fabulous New years..

  5. That is such a clever idea for a gift. I never can think of words to go with a gift like this.


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