Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spaghetti Sauce to Remember

You can thank the Phoenix Firefighters for this one! It starts to tickle you taste buds as soon as it starts to simmer. By the time you get your first mouthful you can't eat it fast enough. It is has some bold flavors with pepperoni, Italian sweet sausage, and of course garlic. Some might even say you have to call the fire department to put out the crazy tastiness going on in your mouth. Yummy!

This recipe feeds a fire crew!

3 cans 28 oz peeled tomatoes
1 can 28 oz tomato sauce
1 bundle fresh parsley
1 small pack sweet basil spice (found in the spice aisle, or sometimes with the Mexican food spices on the Asian/Mexican foods aisle)
1 sweet onion chopped
2 bunches of garlic minced
1 pack of sweet Italian Sausage
1 stick pepperoni sliced
1/2 cup olive oil
1 Tablespoon crushed red pepper

Pour 1/2 cup olive oil in large pot. Saute pepperoni for 1 minute, add onion, saute for 1 minute, add garlic and saute for two minutes. Meanwhile brown Italian separately and then add to pot. Add all remaining ingredients including salt and pepper to taste. Simmer 3-4 hours and try to refrain for sipping it gone before plating.
Cook spaghetti as directed, serve and enjoy!


  1. It is just after midnight and I'm drooling!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Who doesn't love a great spaghetti sauce?

  3. You know I would do anything to have Italian sausage right now.. even celery sausage.... I MISSS Sausage.. at least the flavors I'm used to.

    The recipe sounds utterly fantastic... fire crew, huh? hehe

  4. That looks amazing! I was wondering what to make for dinner this week with enough leftovers and I think I found it!

  5. WOW! I've always wondered what Fire House Sauce looked like. I'm a bit curious about the 1/2 cup of oil. It sounds like a bit much especially if sausage & pepperoni are used.

    No matter, though. It looks like it will work wonders on the crew:) Happy St. Patty's Day, Kasha. Thanks for sharing...

  6. I love these aromatic sauces too. I wish my house always smelled like this type of sauce or bacon. And that I had a switch that would change it back and forth. And that I had a million dollars. And a lifetime supply of Diet Coke.

  7. I so love a great recipe like this... nothing better than homemade sauce!

  8. This looks good! What is that sitting next to it??

  9. Pam- It is a piece of wheat french bread with olive oil spread on it and topped with mozzarella, parmesan, sweet basil, and garlic powder. We added sliced tomatoes just for fun and it was an excellent mate for the pasta. Thanks for asking.

    Louise- I said the same thing when Josh poured it in. I tried to drain it off when he wasn't looking but he caught me and said that if they made it that way at the station then that is how we should make it. I really so no need for it and totally agree with you.

  10. What a fun idea to add pepperoni to spaghetti sauce.

  11. OH, this sounds so good - may have to give this one a whirl.


  12. Hooray for the Phoenix Firefighters! What a wonderfully flavorsome recipe.

  13. Yum, this looks soooo appetizing! We grew a ton of our own tomatoes last year and froze, canned, roasted, and dried them. So I have definitely been in spaghetti mode this winter! This version with the pepperoni and sausage looks terrific :)


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